Vasilissa -Greek Fir of Vytina- Honey by Stayia Farm

Vasilissa fir honey by Stayia Farm, is a one of a kind “raw” honey produced solely by fir harvested in the fir tree forest of Mount Mainalon at Vityna in the Peloponnese.

vasilisa_honeyIt is a very thick, creamy honey dew honey with a pearlescent effect, featuring a high content of minerals and vitamins. It is free from any chemical herbicides and preservatives and certified by BioHellas.

The E.U. has recognized its authenticity and unique origin declaring it as a Product of Designated Origin.

Stayia Farm  is a small family bio farm on Evia island. The heart of Stayia are experienced beekeepers preserving a long tradition, passing from generation to generation since the early 50’s.

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