Tsipouro of Tirnavos “The Cooperative”

Tsipouro of Tirnavos “The Fine Spirit” with anise by the Wine Cooperative of Tirnavos

The “Cooperative” Tsipouro of Tirnavos is a spirit that originates on the grape wealth and the long tradition of distillation of Tirnavos.

It is a strong and flavorful tsipouro, a multiple distillation product, that owes its high quality on: the excellent variety of the muscat grapes of Tirnavos which are used exclusively for the spirit, the technological superiority of the Wine Cooperative’s equipment which achieve the perfect distillation of fractions of the spirit, and finally the Cooperative’s long experience through the tradition of years and history.

The Agricultural Winery Cooperative of Tirnavos includes about 500 vine growers members, engaged in the production of wines, spirits and beverages, and distributes its products throughout most of Greece and abroad.

The “Cooperative” Tsipouro of Tirnavos is available in bottles of 0,05, 0,10, 0,20, 0,35, 0,7, 2,0, 5,0L

For information on where to buy the product visit: tirnavoswinery.gr

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