Trachanas Vaonis

Trachanas is a traditional Greek pasta made ​​from flour and milk and has a granular and irregular shape.

traxanas_vaonisIt is prepared in several varieties, such as sweet or sour, thick or thin, and it is usually cooked as a soup, either thin or thick.

Vaonis’ trachanas is a delicious and nutritional food, that’s low in fat, it has no sugar and it is made entirely of wheat semolina. It is dried in the sun in the summer in order to be ready for consumption in the winter.

Vaonis is a local, Ikarian company, established by two young people when they realized that there was a lack of availability of fine Greek agricultural food products in the international markets.

Enjoy a ball of trachanas soup after a long day to regain your powers and please your palate, tastefully and healthfully!

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