Tomato & Thyme Sauce by Simply Greek

How often do you come across a ready to cook sauce that is both thick in texture and rich in flavor and when simmering it releases the familiar smell of homemade tomato sauce in your culinary habitat?

tomato_thyme_simply_greekSimply Greek’s sauce, with its strong tomato flavor empowered by the subtle, dry aroma and the slightly minty taste of thyme, could become a dish and “palate” savior in many occasions!

Made of natural ingredients like the incomparable in taste Greek tomatoes and no preservatives at all, and in addition packed with thyme (17%), this sauce is incredibly versatile, since the inspirational flavor & aroma of thyme can be enjoyed in a vast array of dishes like flat bread sandwiches and canapés, pasta, omelets or get used as a condiment in casserole and other dishes.

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Photo Credits: Simply Greek

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