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Tahini, a natural boost of energy and taste

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Macedonian halva mousse, with praline from tahini and spearmint, lemon sorbet and caramelized Aegina pistachios, one of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever tried, at Aleria Restaurant Tahini is a power food produced by ground sesame seeds and is considered …

Soft sesame seed bar by Lampos

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Pasteli is a Greek traditional pastry based on sesame and honey, both natural and of high nutritional value ingredients, which provide with an energy boost everybody lucky enough to taste it. There are two types of pasteli usually, “tragano” meaning …

Pasteli KAPA Evmelin with Honey – no sugar added

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Pasteli is a candy bar made of honey and sesame, an absolutely delicious combination and an unexpectant treat for those who appreciate sweets but should stay away from sugar. Pasteli is an invigorating sweet of high nutritional value, rich in …