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Orange Blossom Honey by SeleSia Green

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An exquisite, marmalade tasting honey, with light, amber color, thick texture, sweet aftertaste and pleasing aroma. SeleSia Green’s orange blossom honey, is made solely of nectar coming from the orange groves of the villages around Sparta of Laconia which are …

Extra pure orange jam by Geodi

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Prepared with carefully selected freshly cut oranges, straight from the Greek countryside, extra pure orange jam by Geodi has a rich, fruity flavor and pleasing aroma. Geodi’s all-natural orange jam is prepared only with fresh fruit, sugar and fresh lemon …


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Start your day with color, flavor and health! It is no wonder that oranges are among the most popular fruits in the world. Juicy and sweet and renowned for their concentration of vitamin C, oranges make a perfect snack and …