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A “Bakaliko” welcome’s you to Cretan cuisine!

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Bakaliko Crete is a deli, grocery and eatery, that brings you fine foods and wines from Crete and the rest of Greece. The place’s philosophy is “taste our food, try our products and you’ll ask for yourself to buy”! All …

Cretan traditional pasta “Makarounes Skioufichtes” by Zouridakis

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“Makarounes Skioufichtes” is a traditional kind of pasta, made mostly in islands such as Crete, Skyros, Karpathos and other. Zouridakis’ “Makarounes Skioufichtes” are homemade, from 100% semolina and water. Zouridakis family were the owners of a traditional bakery located in …

Barley Greek Rusks by Bakery Tsatsaronakis

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The traditional rusks “the Manna” by Tsatsaronakis bakery are made of the purest ingredients from Crete, and constitute an ideal part of a healthy Mediterranean or Cretan Diet, which is rich in fiber and low in fat. Pure, crunchy and …