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Aegina Pistachio Fest next weekend

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Aegina, the first capital of the modern state of Greece, the island of the pistachio, is hosting the fifth annual “Fistiki Festival”. A four-days programme, beginning on the 19th of September and ending on the 22nd, includes events of cultural, …

Aegina pistachios by Pistachio Producers & Farmers’ Cooperative of Aegina

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Pistachio trees have been cultivated in Aegina since 1860, later spreading  to other parts of Attica and Greece. The ideal climate of the island and the unique soil composition lend exceptional flavor and aroma to the Aegina pistachio. The authentic …


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The Greek Royals of dried nuts Dried nuts have been a basic nutrition staple for our ancestors and research shows that people have been consuming them since ancient times. Pistachios are among the top quality and more delicious dried nuts. …