Syrah Karipidis

Syrah Karipidis is a rich and flavorful red wine, featuring a natural aroma and robust, long aftertaste. It is distinguished by its deep purple color and very intense aroma

The Syrah variety has come to Greece from the Rhone Valley in southern France and because of the similar climate and natural landscape between the two countries, the cultivation of Syrah in Greece delivers high quality results, far from the Australian and South African respective products, which are weaker in body and intensity.

The Karipidis Winery is a family business in Vounaina Thessaly in central Greece that manages 30 hectares of privately owned vineyards. Vounaina, as declared by its name (small mountains), is a hilly area with tradition in wine making.

Syrah Karipidis is 100% Syrah variety that matures in French oak for 25 months. It’s a Greek product from grapes of organic farming and its characteristics are:

  • Deep purple colour with violet sheens in its early years
  • Beautifully evolved and complicated nose dominated by varietal (cherries, black pepper, thyme) and bouquet aromas (truffle, vanilla, sweet wood)
  • Rich and tasteful in the mouth, with lively but velvety tannins contributing to an exceptionally pleasing structure and increased ageing potential
  • Captivating and long-lasting aftertaste of fruity, spicy and oaky characters

Syrah Karipidis matches well with meat, especially cooked with spicy sauces, cold cuts and sausages, but if you like to occasionally enjoy solo a glass of an exquisite, red wine, Syrah Karipidi will warm up these long, cold winter nights. Best served at 18-20oC.

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