Sweet Trachanas “Filemata Dimitsanas”

trahanas_filemata_dimitsanasTrachanas is a Greek pasta made ​​from flour and milk and has a granular and irregular shape.

It is prepared in several varieties, such as sweet or sour, thick or thin etc. and it is usually cooked as a soup, either thin or thick.

Sweet trachanas from “Filemata Dimitsanas” is made ​​with oatmeal and sheep’s milk and like all of the workshop’s products, it does not include coloring additives or preservatives, while all raw materials go through thorough control. The sheep’s milk comes from the broader area of Dimitsana, the eggs are fresh and collected daily and the flour comes from selected, nearby mills.

Contact details: 0030 27950-31189, 0030 2710-237063, filemata-dimitsanas.gr

To purchase this product online please visit: greekfoodshop.com

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