Sundried Santorini Tomatoes “Santo”

The Santorini tomato is a cherry tomato native to the island. Sundried Santorini Tomatoes “Santo” deliver the unique sweet taste and the full body that only Santorini Tomatoes, which grow on volcanic soil, have!

sundried_tomato_santoSundried Santorini Tomatoes “Santo” are a perfect and healthy appetizer or can be used as a delicious ingredient in a fresh green salad, a potato salad, your favorite pizza or pasta!

The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, named as SantoWines, carefully selects fresh Santorini Tomatoes and has them sun dried for 2-3 days in perfect hygiene conditions, then preserved in virgin olive oil with aromatic herbs.

The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, representing all the cultivators of the island, is committed to producing authentic Santorini products of superior quality while respecting the Santorini traditional techniques, protecting the precious Santorini habitat and its sustainable development.

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