Spoon sweet ”Roupka” cherry by Goumenisses

Cherry spoon sweet by Goumenisses is absolutely delicious whether you chose to eat it as a sweet itself or as a topping to your Greek yogurt or ice cream.

spoon_kerasi‘Roupka” is a local cherry variety of Mount Paiko, and it is considered as one of the most delicious cherries in Greece. Mount Paiko is a beautiful mountain of Northern Greece featuring dense forests with beeches, oak and chestnut trees as well as lush vegetation traversed by rivers and torrents.

On the foothills of Mount Paiko is situated Goumenissa, a small town home of the local pasta and pastry producing brand, which uses carefully selected raw materials such as seasonal, homegrown fruits and vegetables, sheep’s milk and eggs from local producers.

All the preparation and cooking is done in a traditional way and all of their products are free from preservatives and substitutes.

 To buy the product visit the Goumenisses eshop

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