Soft sesame seed bar by Lampos

Pasteli is a Greek traditional pastry based on sesame and honey, both natural and of high nutritional value ingredients, which provide with an energy boost everybody lucky enough to taste it.

pasteli_LAMPOSThere are two types of pasteli usually, “tragano” meaning crunchy and “melato” meaning soft, depending on which one of the two ingredients, honey or sesame is higher in content in the mixture. “Melato” pasteli is considered to originate from Messinia.

Have you seen “Before Midnight”? When Ethan Hawke is saying goodbye to his son leaving from Messinia’s airport he urges him to buy some Lampos pasteli bars back home ‘cause he used to go crazy about them the whole previous summer!

Ancient Greeks also enjoyed their occasionally bites of pasteli but they used to call them “Sisamis”, and mostly offer them as a fertility treat to every bride passing the doorstep of her husband’s house for the first time.

Lampos is a local of Kalamata family business producing high quality confectionaries for decades.

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