Smoked sausage from Drama by Sary

Sary cold cuts never cease to “amuse our bouche” either used as a cooking ingredient or served as a meze to accompany a glass of tsipouro or beer.

traditional_gourmet_salamiSary’s smoked sausage is produced according to traditional methods and flavored with the fragrant herbs harvested on the foothills of Falakro mountain. Smoked on cherry wood, it stands out for its wonderful flavor and unparalleled, luscious taste.

The Sarimpogia’s family entered the cold cut business by running a small producing unit back in the 1930’s making signature, eastern kind of cured meat delicacies and they are still going strong, now ran by the fourth generation of Sarimpogia’s.

You can find Sary’s smoked sausage in the company’s meat shop should you find yourself in Drama, or you can visit

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