Skinos Mastiha Spirit

Skinos stands for the ancient name of mastic and Skinos Mastiha Spirit, with its impressive aroma and flavor of mastic, is a genuine mastic alcoholic beverage, which can be served neat as an aperitif or as an iced shot.

skinos_mastihaIt is the only mastic gum drink produced solely by mastic distillation without added essences or mastic oil. It emits a fine aroma of mastic and leaves a mild and pleasant sweetness on the palate.

Skinos Mastiha Spirit is exported to Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Cyprus, Lebanon, Monaco, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey and in 20 U.S. states and has won numerous quality awards in international drink competitions, highlighting mastic as a unique and profitable product for Greece.

Enjoy it as a digestive after a delicious, Greek meal or use it as an alternative to rum or gin to create refreshing cocktails.

Some recipes for cocktails with Skinos Mastiha Spirit can be found here.

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