Santorini Fava by “Santo”

Fava, which has been growing for thousands of years in Greece, is a food derived from dried peas, it has a bright yellow color and it’s tiny like a grain of thick sand.

fava_santorinisFava has been cultivated in Santorini for centuries. It is the most important product in Santorini, and it’s becoming more and more famous due to its distinctive taste in comparison with fava produced in other regions. Santorini’s volcanic soil, makes local yellow split peas taste different and more intense in comparison with fava growing in the rest of Greece.

Santo, the Union of Santorini Cooperatives, representing all the cultivators of the island, is committed to producing authentic Santorini products of superior quality while respecting the Santorini traditional techniques, protecting the precious Santorini habitat and its susta inable development.

Santorini fava is a PDO product.

To buy Santorini Fava by Santo press here.

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