Rakomelo by Finest Roots Spirits

Rakomelo, the Aegean Sea’s finest and strongest liqueur, blends natural honey in perfect balance with Cretan raki, some cinnamon and clove buds to create a remarkable flavor.

rakomelo_finest_rootsFinest Roots’ rakomelo is distilled with natural water and it consists of 100% natural extracts, no flavor essences or artificial flavorings. It comes in a minimal, smart bottle bearing a hexagon as a symbol of the honeycomb content.

You can enjoy it as a warm, cozy drink for a cold winter day, as a chilled, summer shot or even better as an injection of honey and raki into modern mixology cocktails.

Originating from a 160 year old distillery, Finest Roots Spirits’ company combines the unique experience of four generations of distilling with an original inspiration in liqueur philosophy. It is based in Southern Greece and its distilleries follow traditional, old recipes with contemporary and innovative techniques.

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