Rain fed Greek oregano by Arogaia

Oregano is a really popular in the Mediterranean culinary herb, used for the taste and aroma of its leaves, which are more flavorful when dried than fresh.

oregano_arogaiaIt is well known to all local, Greek cuisines and widely used as a condiment basically to almost every kind of recipe!

Arogaia’s oregano is cultivated in Attica, left to dry naturally and sealed in glass airtight jars. It comes in a smart 70gr. vase, that’s aesthetically pleasing for your kitchen and preserves the herbs’ excellent properties.

Arogaia’s oregano top quality, is guaranteed since it is checked in a regular basis by the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Athens (Carvacrol concentration 76.1%, essential oil yield 3.62%).

Arogaia is a small family business. They farm their own products tuned with nature and its balance. They use traditional herbal drying methods and they’re in the process of obtaining Organic Farm Certifications.

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Photo Credits: Arogaia

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