The Greek Royals of dried nuts

Dried nuts have been a basic nutrition staple for our ancestors and research shows that people have been consuming them since ancient times. Pistachios are among the top quality and more delicious dried nuts. They have high nutritional value, and they are edible either fresh or roasted with salt.

A small amount of dried nuts provides us with high amounts of energy, unsaturated fatty acids, vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals and dietary fibers. They also contain calcium and iron and no cholesterol.

Pistachios contain the vitamins niacin and folic acid. Niacin releases energy from cells while improving our skin’s health and well-being. Among all dried nuts pistachios are the richest in niacin. A handful of pistachios provides us with 167 calories (kcal) and improves the levels of overall and HDL cholesterol.

In Greece, which is the first pistachio producing country in Europe, it is cultivated one of the finest variety of pistachios in the world, Aegina pistachios or Pistachios Aeginis (PDO). Pistachios are also cultivated in Megara, Fthiotida, Thessaly, Viotia and Evia.

The famous Aegina pistachios, Fthiotida pistachios and Megara pistachios are of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Savor and enjoy the benefits of pistachios either in cooking or in pastry or just pleasantly accompany your drink with a handful of crunchy, Greek pistachios, like the Greeks do.


How to make a pistachio spoon sweet to enjoy with your coffee or as a topping to your yogurt (20 portions)

Ingredients: 700 gr. fresh pistachios, 2 kilos of sugar, 4 cups of water, juice of half lemon, vanilla flavor (optional)


• Boil the pistachios in plenty of water until they are soft enough to puncture with a toothpick or a needle. Drain them and put them on a fluffy towel to absorb the liquids

• Boil the sugar and water for 7-8 minutes and let the syrup cool down

• Remove the outer skin of the pistachios and pour the syrup. Leave the mixture for 24 hours

• Then boil it until it thickens, and at the end add the lemon juice and the vanilla flavor

• Allow the sweet to cool down and then store it in glass jars

  If the skin of pistachios is tender enough, do not remove it

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