Juicy and nutritious, an all-time Greek summer favorite!

The peach is a classic sign of Greek summer, a staple in the fruit bawl and an anticipated addition to farmers’ markets and stands across the country from June through September.

peachIt is a sweet, juicy fruit, high in nutritional value but low in calories, always delicious to enjoy either eaten fresh or as compost, as an addition to pies and fridge desserts or even in salads nowadays.

The peach is very high in water content, since it is composed by 89% of water. Therefore it moisturizes the body, the skin, it has anti-aging properties and is valuable for the health and beauty of our skin. It contains proteins, significant levels of vitamin C and E, many antioxidants, fiber, phosphorus, biotin, iron and calcium.

The peach tree is a China native, in Greece peaches seem to have been imported by Persia though, probably during Alexander the Great‘s military campaigns in Asia, therefore they were described as “Persian apples”.

Today, Greece ranks 5th in the world peach market with Macedonia holding the reigns of production. The best variety is cultivated in Naoussa, whose peaches are registered as products of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) in accordance with EU regulations.

Go ahead and taste your peaches like a Greek, as a refreshing dessert after a summer meal or chopped into Greek yogurt as a healthy and invigorating breakfast!

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