Organic, thyme honey by the Farm Amorgiano

The Amorgiano, thyme honey is produced by the apiary Amorgiano Farm located in the area of Lagada in the island of Amorgos.

amorgianoAmorgos is a beautiful island, home of an ecosystem unique to the Minor Cyclades, consisting of high mountainous regions and flora abundant of flowers and herbs, and that’s why the honey produced there is incredibly sweet and fragrant.

“Amorgiano Farm” honey is athermal, unfiltered, and crystallizes naturally without losing its nutritional value. It is regularly inspected and certified by Bio Hellas. It won the Biol High Quality award at the global biological honey contest organized in 2010 by Biol Miel in Catania, Italy and in 2011, at the same contest that took place in Calabria it won the Gold Biol High Quality award.

The Amorgiano Farm is a modern apiary based on the principles of organic bee-keeping. It is located in the area of Lagada which is famous for its sage fields and unique herbs.

For further information visit the Farm’s site

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