Organic Black Tea with Lemon, Spearmint & Greek Red Saffron

One of the world’s most precious spices with scientifically proven beneficial action, Krokos Kozanis aka Greek Red Saffron is mixed with various organic herbs, to create an innovative, healthy and premium taste blend!

krokos_teaOrganic black tea with Kroko Kozanis, either hot or cold, is a refreshing blend with mint and lemon peel, creating a delicious and rich in antioxidant ingredients drink, used as a stimulant and spasmolytic.

The Cooperative de Safran in cooperation with the Greek skincare brand Korres introduce an Organic Herbal Tea Collection with Krokos Kozanis, a ‘first’ for the international food & drink market.

This collection is made of organic farming products and certified by DHO -national certification body that guarantees the use of organic ingredients and the adoption of sustainable, environmental-friendly production processes. The International Taste & Quality Institute -one of the most respectable bodies in the Food & Drink Industry- has awarded the οrganic Herbal Tea Collection with a Superior Taste Award.

Krokos Kozanis is a product of protected designation of origin (PDO).

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