Orange Blossom Honey by SeleSia Green

An exquisite, marmalade tasting honey, with light, amber color, thick texture, sweet aftertaste and pleasing aroma.

selesia_honeySeleSia Green’s orange blossom honey, is made solely of nectar coming from the orange groves of the villages around Sparta of Laconia which are world renowned for their top quality orange production.

It is processed in a traditional, local of Laconia way and no thermal processing occurs, while its packaging bears all necessary certifications (ISO 22000 FSSC).

SeleSia Green is a local, family business ran by two sisters, Anna and Athanasia Baxevani,  who charmed as they were by the natural beauty of a small village of Sparta called Selasia, they decided to leave their professional careers and help the rest of the world discover this amazing’s land top quality, unique products.

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