Olympos “Pnoi” Yogurt

Delicate and creamy!


yogurt_pnoi_olymposThe yogurt “Pnoi”, which in greek means breath, by the local dairy producing unit Olympos located in Larissa, serves as a fine micro meal for whatever part of the day!

Either combined with cereal, or fruits, or even a spoonful of honey it will provide you with all the energy you need to cope with your daily chores, in a healthy and flavorful way.

It is a 100% greek product, made exclusively from greek, low fat (only 2%) cow milk. It also contains probiotic bifidus culture as well as yogurt culture.

Olympos Pnoi yogurt has a delicate, creamy texture and a rich taste, it is fresh and light with only 2% fat and should you find it in a mini market during your vacations in Greece don’t hesitate to try it! You’ll be rewarded!

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