Noumboulo by Kerkyraiki Allantopoiia (Corfiot charcuterie)

Noumboulo is made of pork fillet, salted and marinated in red wine and spices and dredged with pepper. It is then wrapped in animal intestines and is smoked for 30 days on a fire with a lot of softwoods and aromatic twigs: sage, laurel, myrtle, mallow, oregano and almond cells.

The noumboulo made by the Kerkyraiki Allantopoiia is of excellent quality, it has a light pink color when cut and it is served in very thin slices. Its delicate texture and rich aroma are similar to the finest Italian prosciutto, and it can give a more gourmet flavor to a bottle of tsipouro from Tyrnavos or Cretan raki.

In Corfu, locals accompany it with cold white wine, a local delicacy called sykomaides (dried figs roasted with sugar and cinnamon and stuffed with nuts), kumquats and during the summer slices of melon.

For more information contact:  Kerkyraiki Allantopoiia : 0030 26610-91465, 0030 6973282722

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