Moria Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Moria Elea is a blend of extra virgin olive oil produced by two different varieties of olives called Manaki and Koroneiki. They are both unique, greek varieties and cannot be grown elsewhere in the world.

Moria Elea extra virgin olive oil features a rich aromatic character and pungent attributes of medium intensity. Its aroma is fresh green with distinctive notes of green olive leaves, sweet herbal and aromatic fruity with apple skins connotations. It has a rich and powerful taste with a pleasing overall sensation.

moria_eleaAccording to the myth Moria Elea was called the first ever olive tree to be planted in Athens, a courtesy of goddess Athena in order to win the patronship of the city.

 This ancient Greek myth has inspired the branding and the packaging of Moria Elea.  The packaging is handmade & environmentally friendly. The bottle is made of top quality glass, the wooden cap has natural cork, the cotton labeling is sewn manually and the wooden gift box is designed especially for Moria Elea and is manufactured by hand. Thus, each bottle of Moria Elea is unique and is numbered on the front side, in a limited edition of 13.000 bottles for 2012.

Moria Elea is offered in a 500ml single bottle and it is also available inside a wooden gift box. The single bottle will accompany your everyday meal while “decorating” your dinner table for a special occasion. Moreover, the wooden box is the perfect unique gift idea for every special occasion whether personal or business.

You can place your order for this unique product here.

For further information on the producing company you can read this article.

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