Meat and Poultry

The high quality of the Greek countryside

Livestock production in Greece is of high quality and excellent taste due primarily to the rich biodiversity of Greek pastures. Red and white meat, as well as goat milk, are delicious and of unique quality, thanks to the nonpareil Greek flora: a variety of 1.600, native, endemic herbs of the Greek land.

The traditional stock raising in Greece focused on sheep and goats, mainly because of the mountainous landscape and the absence of alternatives. Nowadays, cattle has shown a significant increase mainly for the production of dairy products.

Poultry industry has developed professionally during the recent decades. Apart from typical poultry products the last two decades, there has been an increase of farms growing pheasants, partridges and quails.

There is a wide variety of packaged meat and poultry products available in the Greek and foreign markets, either by local producers or bigger companies, such as eggs, ham, various kind of sausages depending on the local cuisine of the region of origin, as well as gourmet products such as Kavourmas from Thrace, Apaki from Crete, Loutza from Myconos, Noumboulo from Corfu, prosciutto from Evritania and many more.

PDO products are the lamb of Elassona and the kid of Elassona.


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