Mastiqua, the mastic fragranced sparkling water

Refreshing and digestive at the same time, Mastiqua is a natural sparkling water, flavored with mastic.

mastiquaMastic, a basic element of Hippocratic Therapeutics, is produced only in the southern part of Chios and nowhere else in the world. Its mixing with water was widespread since ancient times in the Mediterranean, both for therapeutic or for pleasure reasons.

Nowadays, mastic water is the product of a methodical process of steam distillation, providing us with a 100% aqueous and natural extract of mastic. Mastic adds to the sparkling water its freshness, its unique taste and its beneficial properties, creating a rejuvenating drink for every hour of the day.

Enjoy “The water of Mediterranean life” cold, on its own or by adding a slice of fresh lemon, for a refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage.

You’ll find it in selected bars, restaurants and hotels when visiting Greece or you can order it from here.

For further information visit its distributor site.

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