Lavender by Organic Islands®

SONY DSCLavishly fragrant and beautifully purple, Organic Islands’ lavender may come out useful in more occasions than you could imagine!

A concoction made of its flowers and leaves can be either soothing or stimulating in case of weakness or fatigue, helpful in digestion and relieving from headaches, migraines, dizziness, fainting and toothache.

Lavender’s strongly aromatic flowers, when dried, can be sewed into small satchels and used in the dryer against clothing moths.

In addition, lavender can be used in baking and gourmet cooking, with remarkable and delicious results! You can find some indicative recipes at Organic Islands’ website.

Organic Islands’ lavender is a product of organic farming and a result of both traditional practices and contemporary technology. It is then packaged in a “paper bag” made out of craft paper certified for food usage, featuring a (re)open-(re)close brass pin, thus preserving the aroma and the taste of the herb.

Organic Islands® is a small, local family firm which cultivates organic aromatic plants and herbs. It is based on the Cycladic island of Naxos, in Greece and it is the first and still the only company in the Cyclades cultivating certified organic aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs. The company has established an ethical production line that protects the environment giving valuable, wholesome rich in aroma products making full use of the ideal for these plants climate and soil of the island.

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