The combination of ultra pure tsikoudia with soft, velvet Cretan honey creates an elegant, delicious drink featuring 25% alc., called rakomelo.

kretaraki_meliBut further than a drink to enjoy with company, rakomelo for connoisseurs is a delicious and fun medicine for sore throats and cough, when served hot. You may see it happen if you chose to party, sorry take a vacation, on the Greek islands during summer.

Drink it while eating a pasteli, like they do in Folegandros, you’ll enjoy it even more!

Kretaraki-meli is produced by DS Distillery, a company founded in 2000 by two Cretan families, the Diamantakis and the Stamatakis, with a long tradition in the distillery business. The thyme honey used is Cretan, of course, as it is the tsikoudia, produced by the distillery with grapes from its own 120-hectar vineyards.

You can find it in most of Greece’s duty free shops, but for more on its distribution visit kretaraki.

To buy online visit houseofwine

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