Kavourmas Sary

Kavourmas is a traditional cold cut of Northern Greece, Thrace in particular, and the way it is produced in cylindrical sticks it looks like a long sausage.

PrintIt consists of boiled meat pieces mixed with their broth and it has a thick texture. Although it’s cooked in oil, kavourmas is not a fatty meat dish. The meat has most of the fat rendered out in the cooking process, so what’s left is succulent browned pork or beef, depending on the meat you’ve chosen.

Kavourmas is one of the most unique meat delicacies, but it has a rather special flavor so it’s a meze for real connoisseurs. It can be served cold with ouzo, tsipouro, red wine or retsina and beer, as well as warm with eggs, pasta and potatoes.

Sary’s kavourmas is produced of local beef meat, and it is cooked according to traditional eastern recipes from Cappadocia. It contains no preservatives and it is prepared in Sarimpogia’s family modern facilities, which are ISO and HACCP certified.

The Sarimpogia’s family entered the cold cut business by running a small producing unit back in the 1930’s making signature, eastern kind of cured meat delicacies and they are still going strong, now ran by the fourth generation of Sarimpogia’s.

You can find Sary kavourmas in the company’s meat shop should you find yourself in Drama, for further information on the company’s products distribution you should visit Sary’s website.

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