Kalathaki of Limnos Cheese by Dabizas

Kalathaki of Limnos is a white, semi-hard, brined cheese. It has a lightly rough texture, a salty taste and a rich aroma.

kalathaki_dampizasIt is a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) that is made by a handful of producers on the island of Limnos and exclusively from the milk of local, free-grazing sheep and goats. Its name “kalathaki” means a “basket” and it comes from the shape that the cheese gets when left to mature inside knitted wicker baskets for about 60 days.

Among the very few producers that now make this cheese is Dabizas, a three-generation family-owned company founded in 1946 in Halkidiki. Dabizas’ kalathaki is a high quality, delicious cheese brought to you in a tasteful, design package.

It is exported in Germany, France, Holland and Austria, for further information on its distribution visit Dabizas’ website

For a delicious and easy to prepare pie with kalathaki press here

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