The healthiest sweet

Honey is the natural, sweet substance made by bees from the nectar of flowers, for their own nourishment and it’s quite popular all over Greece.

Honey comes in a range of colors and its flavor and texture vary with the type of flower nectar from which it was made. The dark colored honey is rich in trace elements and therefore has high nutritional value. Light colored honey has a light taste and nice flavor.

Honey is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthy foods. It gives energy to the muscles, clarity of mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. In addition research also indicates that honey’s unique composition makes it useful as an antioxidant. Regular use gives vigor in the body and helps to prolong life.

Greek honey has been used since ancient times both as a food and as a medicine. According to a myth, Zeus, the king of the gods of Olympus, was raised by nymph Melissa (Bee) with goat’s milk and honey. Hippocrates recommended it as a healing remedy in many cases, while in ancient Olympics, athletes were reported to eat such foods as honey and dried figs, to enhance their performance.

Greek honey is special due to the particularity of Greece’s landscape, the long sunshine periods, the richness and variety of its flora as well as the way of collecting the nectar. Greek honey derives from plants such as thyme, orange trees, heathers, chestnuts, pine and fir.

Honey makes a naturally delicious alternative to white sugar which is available throughout the year. To enjoy it like a Greek, mix a little honey into plain, Greek yogurt and top it with walnut kernels.

The only PDO Honey in Greece is fir honey “ELATIS MAINALOU VANILIA”.


If your honey has crystallized, placing the container in hot water for 15 minutes will help return it to its liquid state. Do not heat honey in the microwave as this alters its taste by increasing its hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content.

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