Greek Olives with ouzo by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming

Sakellaropoulos’ olives with ouzo make an excellent and healthy meze to accompany your drinks during a social gathering or even to enjoy as a snack (as some of us do!).

ouzoeliesTheir exquisite and delicious taste and their special flavor come as a result of the fact that they are maintained in cold-pressed, organic olive oil, with sweet and sour vinegar and lemon zest, combined with anise, fennel seed and mountain grown tea from the Parnonas Mountains.

It is an unpasteurized and without additives product of a 9month, natural fermentation process while the olives are handpicked after a triple rigorous selection.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms are situated near Sparta, Lakonia, in an area where olive oil culture is predominant and where the olive tree is considered “sacred”. This area is famous for its ideal weather conditions and the exceptional natural environment which are the two factors that create the best land for the cultivation of the “kalamata” and “koroneiki” variety olives. All of the products of the farm are organic and certified from Bio-Hellas, an organization for inspecting and certifying organic products.

For further information on this superior, gourmet product and where to find it, visit the farm’s website

To buy this products visit biomelissanthi

For further information on Greek Olives press here

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