Greek delis around Europe

With Greek gastronomy steadily on the rise, more and more Europeans turn to Greek food for nutrition and taste – Greek delis have become a real trend throughout Europe.


The recently featured Little Greek Pie, a shop specialized in the pastry delicacy of variously filled pita in London, has been one of many new entries, as now practically most European metropoles boast numerous Greek food havens.

Here’s a list of the latest Greek food hits.


Spain’s two main cities host two massively popular Greek delicatessen shops. Madrid’s Jronia & Jronia (Year & Years in Greek, as well as the most famous Greek phrase in Spain, thanks to a classic yoghurt commercial) opened its doors in December 2011 and has quickly achieved a dedicated clientele. The shop features more than 600 hundred Greek gastronomy products, alongside handmade ceramic ornaments.


On the other hand, Barcelona’s Lukumas got its name from the Greek, honey-syruped version of doughnuts. Owner and art director Peter Paschalides opened his shop in January 2011 and has already won many fans in Catalonia capital. The shop’s best seller is a mastiha-glazed loukoumas.


Created by celebrity chef Dina Nikolaou, Evi Evane in Paris is an exclusive deli/restaurant situated at bohemian Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Its name comes from the Ancient Greek exclamation for Cheers! (“evi evan”), that produced the modern day evviva exclamation.

The shop features an eclectic product list that caters to the most demanding palates and Paris’ poshest restaurants.

Its star products include melichloron cheese from Lemnos Island, marcitos potato lasagna from Chios Island and eggplant pie with walnuts.


The list’s newest entry is Diamonds of Greek Taste in Vienna, a deli  which opened three months ago at the city’s aristocratic Favoriten district.

The shop is already a remarkable success, and owner Angheliki Vlachou says most clients’ motto is “this is like a Greek vacation.” Kosmidis halva, Pitsiladi ouzo from Lesvos, and extra-virgin olive oil are the shop’s best sellers.

This is an article posted on Greek News Agenda on Friday, June 15, 2012

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