Greece ranked 8th in world for food quality

Comes 13th overall in Oxfam’s world food index

Greece does well when it comes to food quality and affordability but is middling when it came to obesity (ranked 27th) and diabetes (30th) levels.


Greece is ranked 13th in the world as a place to eat, according to an Oxfam survey which ranks countries according to their diet, food quality, prices and disease levels.

That put it in the same group as Spain, Germany, the UK, Norway, Finland and Cyprus.

The report put Greece 8th for food quality and found it was also within the top 10 for food affordability.

But while it has no issue with undernourishment, it was found to have a small problem with underweight children.


The country’s performance was middling when it came to obesity (ranked 27th) and diabetes (30th) levels. It also scored well behind many other western European countries when it came to nutritional diversity.

When food prices were compared to those for other goods and services it was ranked 16th.

Oxfam used data from the World Health Organisation and other international agencies to rank 125 countries on a range of food related measures.

The Netherlands came out top for having a decent diet at affordable prices. Chad was ranked as having the worst diet.

Source: EnetEnglish

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