“Five” Olive Oil

According to its producers “Five” stands for “Quintessence” and Five’s quintessence is the superior taste of natural flavors and the unparalleled quality of pure Greek olive oil.

oliveoil_5Without any additives, Five’s production is a result of long tradition supported by peak technology and gastronomical control. The variety of olives that is used is called Koroneiki, a kind of olive that grows only in Greece and nowhere else in the world, as a result of the composition of Greek soil and the country’s favorable to oil climate.

Indulge your senses and experience the extraordinary, fine taste of a premium Greek olive oil or give it as a gift to a friend! Make sure that you’ll warn him or her not to pass it for a bottle of perfume though!

It comes in 4 versions, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

For further information on where to find the product click here

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