Feta Bar & Protein Cookie: Greek whey in bars and cookies!

The Feta Bar and the Protein Cookie stand for the two commercial versions of a highly nutritional, Greek product, the whey cake.

The whey cake is a 100% Greek patent developed by researchers of the Biochemist’s and Biotechnology Department of the University of Thessaly.

portokali-mpiskoto_fetabar“This bio functional food is made of the remains of Feta cheese production mixed with goat and sheep milk, a mix which is usually used for the production of myzithra cheese (soft Greek cheese). So we took these proteins and developed a new product» according to Professor Dimitrios Kouretas, whose research group invented the whey cake. *

This product is a world novelty regarding its constituents. The combination of whey protein from Greek goat cheese and a mixture of polymerized and free sugars make it the ideal food for an overworked body. In blood circulation it creates the best conditions for the transfer of proteins and sugars inside the cell, controlling the sugar that becomes fat in the body.

In addition, in a study ** aiming to enhance sport performance by a biochemical aspect, without the use of any substances, athletes who consumed the whey cake for 15 days showed a highly increased antioxidant defense mechanism. This finding is very important because the endogenous antioxidant defense mechanism is very important and involved in the appearance of a series of pathologies, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer, while for example regulates the organism’s immune response, the metabolism etc.

The Feta Bar comes in two flavors, chocolate bar with orange flavor and strawberry bar with a coat of white chocolate, while the Protein Cookie is a protein cookie with cocoa.

Each one of these products is comparable to a rich meal, and their most important nutritional characteristics are that they are rich in protein, low in salt and a very good source of fiber and natural sugars.

There was a strong, international interest for the Greek patent of the whey cake. Because of its high nutritional value, which increases physical performance and reduces muscle damage and muscle fatigue, this product was ordered by the special forces of USA. In addition, the idea of this original kind of food, was one of the 12 innovative ideas to get an award among 600 candidates by the program “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” of the European Commission.*

*According to an article published in the weekly newspaper “To Vima tis Kiriakis”, on the edition of February 24, 2013.

** The survey involved researchers from the Department of Physical Education and Sport as well as the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the University of Thessaly, The Medical School of the University of Crete, the General Hospital of Karditsa, Doping Control Center and several cardiology clinics of Athens

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