Extra pure orange jam by Geodi

Prepared with carefully selected freshly cut oranges, straight from the Greek countryside, extra pure orange jam by Geodi has a rich, fruity flavor and pleasing aroma.

geodi_marmorangeGeodi’s all-natural orange jam is prepared only with fresh fruit, sugar and fresh lemon juice and it does not contain any pectin, colors, artificial flavors, preservatives or additives.

In addition, it features an extra high content of fresh fruit, since it is prepared with 85g of fresh fruit per 100g of final product.

In 2009, Geodi’s extra pure orange jam won an international Great Taste Award, Great Britain’s kind of food “Oscar”!

Geodi SA produces all-natural, superior quality, healthy food products made of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs of certified organic farming straight from the Greek countryside.

By combining the art of traditional home-making techniques with the use of advanced modern technological equipment, Geodi aims to preserve most of the “freshness” and nutrients of fresh fruit in the final product while meeting stringent hygiene requirements.

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