Eleia Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil Eleia is distinguished for its quality, its aroma, its flavor, its color and last but not least its luxurious packaging.

eleiaWhen referring to virgin olive oil we mean the olive oil obtained solely from the olive drupes with the use of mechanical or other natural means that do not lead to degradations in the end product quality. Basically, it is an organic fruit juice including all the nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

The best quality of virgin olive oil is the extra virgin olive oil with free acidity less than 0.8% and Eleia’s acidity is less than 0.25%!

It is produced by a cultivar called Koroneiki, a unique cultivar of Greece which does not grow in any other oil-producing country. It is a very important cultivar distinguished for its yield and the quality of oil it produces. The fruit’s content in oil is very high and it produces exquisite oil with unique aroma and rich taste.

The extra virgin olive oil Eleia is available in two packages, glass bottles of ½ L (€20) and cans of 1 L (€32). You can find it in select stores and places such as Dean & Deluca, Oliviers & Co, Degustation, Athens Hilton and more.

For further information or to order Eleia products visit its website eleia.gr.

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