Dry Anthotyros of Crete by Zouridakis

Anthotyro literally means “flower cheese” and it is a traditional Greek whey cheese, whose light taste encloses all the aromas of the wild herbs naturally growing on the Greek countryside.

anthotyro_zouridakis2It is prepared from unpasteurized sheep’s and goat’s milk or mixtures, with the addition of small quantities of milk or cream.

Dried Anthotyro has a hard texture, salty taste, a very rich flavor and it is consumed as grated cheese for pasta or table cheese.

Zouridakis family were the owners of a traditional bakery located in Matala, a sandy and rocky village featuring one of the most famous beaches of Crete, where hippies used to gather during the 70’s. Zouridaki Anthousa treated the hippies like a mother and they used to call her bakery “Mama’s shop”.

Nowadays, Zouridakis label stands for a local producing unit in Heraklion. Following the path of their ancestors, the third generation of the Zouridakis family works with traditional recipes, quality ingredients and no preservatives at all.

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