Dodoni: Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for the Greek summer

Wanna have a taste of the sweet side of the Greek summer?

Then during your vacations here, wherever you are, search for dodoni (δωδώνη in Greek), a traditional gelateria or “zaharoplasteio” as we call it, serving homemade, amazing ice cream for decades.



This summer, dodoni welcomes the hottest times of the year with fresh, new tastes, combining flavor, nutrition and low calories.

Dodoni for 2013 creates flavors reminiscent of the long, lazy summer of yours. Dodoni’s pastry chef, Giannis Apostolakis (a semi-finalist for the first ever Greek Masterchef), combined pistachios and hazelnut praline to create a delicious parfait, and mixed caramelized almonds, honey and sesame to create a “pasteli” kind of flavor, the traditional -sesame bar like- Greek sweet. And for those who seek to maintain a low calorie diet, dodoni’s chef has created a chocolate and lemon ice cream with Sweete instead of sugar, a stevia plant sweetener.

Dodoni uses 100% fresh Greek milk, all raw materials such as eggs, honey, fruits and nuts come from local producers and the company’s production line follows all the international food safety rules.


Dodoni, has been engaged in the business of producing premium ice cream since 1967. It is the biggest in its sector Greek company and maintains an extensive network of pastry shops, distributing its unique tastes throughout the country.

So when in Greece enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious scoop of freshy fresh ice cream like a Greek in one of dodoni’s many spots!

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