Crown of dried, organic grown figs “Sykiki”

The dried figs produced by the Organization of Dried Figs Producers of the Peloponnese Region “Sykiki” are organically grown and represent a healthy and nutritious snack for everybody and whatever the time of the day.

sikiki1The science of nutrition reveals the advantages and the properties of dried fruits, which include dried figs, and the medical science verifies their contribution to human health. Dried figs are a tasty, nutritional and healthy product, which, due to proper picking, natural drying and processing without preservatives and additives, and, of course, due to attended packaging, can constitute an integral part of our daily nutrition.

Dried figs are rich in vitamins A, B, C and in metals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron.

The “SYKIKI” Cooperative was established in 1953, and constitutes, since 1997, the Organization of Dried Figs Producers of the Peloponnese Region. The objective of “SYKIKI” lies in developing an economy for fig producers, which is accomplished due to a systematic and well-planned expansion of the fig tree cultivation, for the production of the best possible product.

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