Cretan traditional pasta “Makarounes Skioufichtes” by Zouridakis

“Makarounes Skioufichtes” is a traditional kind of pasta, made mostly in islands such as Crete, Skyros, Karpathos and other. Zouridakis’ “Makarounes Skioufichtes” are homemade, from 100% semolina and water.


Zouridakis family were the owners of a traditional bakery located in Matala, a sandy and rocky village featuring one of the most famous beaches of Crete, where hippies used to gather during the 70’s. Zouridaki Anthousa treated the hippies like a mother and they used to call her bakery “Mama’s shop”.

Nowadays, Zouridakis label stands for a local pasta and bakery producing unit in Heraklion. Following the path of their ancestors, the third generation of the Zouridakis family works with traditional recipes, quality ingredients and no preservatives at all.

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