Chamomile Tea by Costa Navarino’s “Icons” product line

Costa Navarino’s “Icons” authentic food products and art objects are inspired by the history and culture of the Messinian region, where the super luxurious hotel is located.


chamomile_costanavarino“Icons” Chamomile Tea is grown in the wild, without pesticides. Each spring the finest chamomile flowers are handpicked, left to dry naturally under the warm sun and carefully packed to preserve all their goodness and delightful apple-like fragrance.

In Messinia, chamomile is valued as a traditional herbal medicine and widely used to make a caffeine-free tisane that is delicious with a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon and a little honey.

Fragrant and delicious, “Icons” Chamomile Tea comes packed in a brown burlap bag tied with cord, decorated with an “evil eye” charm.

You can find Icons Chamomile Tea and other products of the premium line here

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