Biscuits with extra virgin olive oil by Costa Navarino’s “Icons” product line

Crunchy, light and featuring a delightful flavor, Icon’s biscuits or “koulourakia” as we call them here in Greece highlight the freshness of home cooking!

cn_biscuitsKoulourakia, Greece’s traditional biscuits are prepared according to an authentic Messinian recipe using quality wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, roasted sesame seeds and spices. They are hand-molded one by one and when baked, they release their enticing aroma and delightful flavor.

They contain only natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavorings.

Costa Navarino’s “Icons” authentic food products and art objects are inspired by the history and culture of the Messinian region, where the super luxurious hotel is located.

Enjoy koulourakia with a cup of Greek coffee in the morning, or with your tea in the afternoon, they will add a sweet taste to your palate every time you taste them!

You can find Icons Biscuits and other products of the premium line here

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