Astarti organic barley paximadi (rusk) with natural sea salt

Astarti’s barley rusk is made of certified organic raw materials, produced by small family businesses of the island of Kythira. 

paximadia AstartiThe barley flour comes from a whole grain stone mill, while the natural unrefined sea salt is extracted from the sea rocks of Kythira. 

Utilizing the baking tradition of Kythera and according to the recipe and instructions of a nutritionist, the company “The Trinity Farm” has created a prototype bakery in the village of Karavas, the “Bakery of Karavas” which follows certified standards of production in accordance with all the food management regulations and produces quality foods of high dietary value.

Astarti ‘s tips on how to enjoy their paximadi:

  • In order to enjoy the maximum nutritional value of each paximadi, our Dietician suggests dipping very quickly into a bowl of tepid water to make it more palatable
  • Drizzle half a teaspoon of olive oil over it to provide the beneficial vitamin E and good fats derived from the fruit of the olive
  • Finally sprinkle with a little fresh oregano which possesses antiseptic properties

For further information on the distribution of this product visit tzortzopoulos-estate

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