Almond Biscuits with olive oil by Stories of Greek Origins

Stories’ of Greek Origins biscuits are produced by a local Faistos of Crete bakery based on an authentic, traditional recipe which gently marries Cretan flour with almonds, Cretan extra virgin olive oil and aromatic spices.

stories_biscuitsThey are very crunchy, double baked, handmade biscuits with superb taste and aroma and high nutritional value, perfect for a personal treat or a sharing. In Cretan tradition almond biscuits are an expression of joy and a welcoming treat for a home visitor.

Stories’ of Greek Origins biscuits are nicely packaged with respect to their quality and traditional heritage: they are sealed in a transparent, protective case, placed inside an eco-carton box, screen-printed with graphics which narrate their Greek Origins story.

Make your coffee or tea a delightful Greek ritual by adding one or two Greek Origin Biscuits!

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