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My Little Greek Food Book

Eat like a Greek, Live long and Prosper


We are a couple of food lovers. We’ve travelled all around the world, we’ve enjoyed amazing ethnic foods and different cultures but we’ve always returned to our mothers’ food for comfort, flavor and quality ingredients.

And that’s what we aspire to show you with MLGFB, that although we live in a small country, our culture’s richness and the abundance of the Greek land form an exquisite combination: a delicious and healthy cuisine based on not pricey but priceless, quality ingredients.

From its well renowned olives and exquisite olive oil, its historic vineyard and its flavorsome vegetables, its sun-drenched, delicious fruits and wonderful cheeses, Greece offers a stunning array of fine foods and drinks, unique and solely found to its rich countryside, traditional villages and picturesque islands.

Many of these gourmet –in their core- delicacies are still unknown outside of Greece, so MLGFB’s mission is to become “your little” guide book through Greek food and local ingredients and products.  In addition MLGFB’s news and blog columns cover a range of topics regarding Greek diet and nutrition, local producers and exported goods, recipes, restaurants and delis with Greek products all over the world as well as gastro-travelling  tips throughout the country.

So “Eis Ygeian” (cheers to your long live) and “Kali orexi” (have a good meal/bon appétit ) as we say in Greece!


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